My animal art

New Art Work

contains new artwork.

Sketching Every Day (Facebook group)

I joined this group in October 2017.  This project will be updated continuously.        

Every Day in June (Facebook Group – 2017)

This is the first Facebook sketching group I joined.  I get lots of support from the people in these groups.  

Every Day in July (Facebook Group – 2017)

Every Day in August (Facebook group – 2017)

Every Day in September (FaceBook Group – 2017)

Every Day in October (FB group – 2017)

Sketches off-prompts

These are sketches done at various times.  None of these are based on prompts in any of the Facebook groups.  Many are from my pocket sized sketchbook.  Some are also displayed on other project pages.  

Every Day in November (FB Group – 2017)